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       Reception, placement and accommodation of citizens in the hotel is carried out in accordance with the "Rules for the provision of hotel services in Kazakhstan", approved by the Government Decree No. 366 of 21.04.2008 "On approval of the rules for the provision of physical, legal, business, hotel, medical and other services by individuals and legal entities on Territory of the capital ".

        1. Registration:

         The priority right to accommodation in the hotel is obtained by persons, with confirmed booking of the room. All the rest are placed in the order of the general turn.

         Booking will be approved after the Customer receives the booking confirmation.

          If the reservation is not guaranteed by the company or credit card, the reservation for the room is reserved until 14:00 of the day of arrival. If you do not check in before 14:00, the reservation is canceled and the guest is placed in the order of the general line.

         To obtain the right to stay, the Guest must present one of the following documents to the reception and accommodation service: an identity card or a passport.

         The guest completes the registration form and gives it with the above-mentioned document to the reception administrator for residence registration. With free accommodation, the guest from the free places chooses the category of the room, pays for accommodation. Then he gets the key to the number.

        2. Payment for accommodation:

         In our hotel you can make payment in cash or by credit cards: Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Union Pay. Payment for all services is made in tenge. Payment by cashless settlement can be made in tenge, US dollars, Euro or Russian rubles.

         Payment for accommodation is carried out on hotel days, according to the price list of the hotel upon check-in.

         The hotel does not have hourly pay per room. The minimum period for which a guest can book a room or check in a room is 24 hours (day). The following system of check-in hours is valid: the time of arrival is 14:00 hours, and the check-out time is 12:00 noon local time.

         In case of delay in the client's departure, the payment for accommodation is charged in the following order:

                After the expiration of the day of residence, the second day is calculated.

                For early check-in before the check-in time from 06:00 to 12:00, the accommodation fee is 60% of the daily rate, breakfast is included in the room rate.

                When the guest arrives before 06:00, the accommodation fee is calculated as a full day.

                 In case of late check-out after the check-in time from 12:00 to 18:00, the payment for accommodation is 60% of the daily rate.

                On departure after 18:00, the accommodation fee is calculated as a full day.

         Children under the age of 5 years (with family accommodation) are not charged for a child without a separate bed, children under 14 years are charged an additional fee of 2000 kzt without providing a separate bed.

         Information about the prices for rooms and additional services is on the reception.

         The administration ensures the possibility of the Guest staying at the Hotel only in the paid period of time. After the end of the paid period at the guest's request, accommodation can be extended only if there are vacant seats. This item is mandatory to be notified to the Guest at the time of conclusion of the accommodation contract (acceptance of the application or payment).

        3. The rules of safety staying and preservation of material values in the rooms:

         The guest is obliged to observe the rules of fire safety and the use of electrical appliances in the room. Observe the established order of residence, cleanliness, close the tap after use, windows, turn off the lights, TV, leaving the room to lock the key.

          Immediately inform the hotel administration when there is a loss of personal belongings from the room for taking measures to search for missing items.

          In order to preserve valuable things, guest can use the safe at the reception desk;

        In order to ensure the order and safety of guests, the hotel DOES NOT PROHIBIT:

               leave unauthorized persons in the room, and also give them the keys to the number;

               store bulky things in the room, flammable, explosive, toxic, narcotic materials and substances;

               to smoke in the rooms, corridors and foyer of the hotel, for violation of this rule a fine of 15000; 

               rearrange, take out of the room furniture, bedding;

               be in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;

               use heating appliances, if this is not provided in the hotel room;

               take out dishes, cutlery, food and drinks from the hotel and buffet;

               disturb the peace of the guests living in neighboring rooms (loud music, noise);

               pollution of hotel rooms and territory, garbage collection is intended for urns. For violation of this rule a fine of 15000 is established;

               leave children up to 6 years old in the hotel room without adult supervision;

               accommodation of domestic animals (insects, birds, reptiles).

        4. Duties of the Guest:

         The guest is allowed to invite strangers to the hotel from 7.00 to 23.00 local time, the meeting should take place in the lobby of the hotel. In the event that the invited persons are taken to the room, they must present to the administrator a document proving their identity, and make 100% payment for living as a second person. If the rules are not observed, the stay in the hotel of these persons may be limited in time or interrupted.

         When leaving the hotel, the Guest must pass the room to the hotel administrator, then hand over the room keys and pay for the services.

         The guest is obliged to compensate voluntarily in case of loss or damage to the property of the hotel at its cost according to a specially approved price list, and also bears responsibility for violations inflicted by the persons invited by him. In case of refusal to compensate for the damage voluntarily, the damage is compensated in court according to the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

        5. Duties of the Administration:

         Change of bed linen, towels and toiletries is done once in three days. At the request of the guest, for an additional fee, an extraordinary change of linen can be made.

         For the left valuable things unattended, the safety of vehicles and items left in them, the hotel administration is not responsible. The whole territory is video surveillance.

         The book of comments and suggestions is at the reception desk and issued at the first request of the Guest (except for those who are drunk).

         The hotel is not responsible for the operation of city services (emergency shutdown of electrical and thermal energy, water supply).

        6. In case of non-observance of the above requirements of these Rules, the administration has the right to evict it ahead of schedule with the imposition of penalties.