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   The young capital of Kazakhstan is very modern and bright. Unconventional architectural projects with the use of advanced technologies and design, supermodern hotels, business centers, multi-storey new buildings reflect the bold ambitions and gushing energy of the city.



Left Bank

On the left bank of the Ishim River there is a new administrative center, which attracts tourists from different countries with its architectural sights.







Baiterek is a symbol of modern Astana. It symbolizes the representation of the Kazakh people about the universe. The structure of the tower consists of three foundations of the universe: the underground, earthly and heavenly worlds. The height of the building is 97 meters, which symbolizes 1997, the year of new capital proclamation.




Ak Orda


Ak Orda is the residence of the President of the Kazakhstan  Republic. There are regular excursions here, during which you can see the central hall of 1800 square meters, a hall of press conferences, a ceremonial hall, a winter garden and other premises.





The Nur-Astana mosque.


In March 2005, a new attraction appeared in Astana - the mosque "Nur-Astana". The elegance of the East is combined in combined in an ensemble of glass, concrete, steel, granite and alucobond.





Khan Shatyr


The shopping and entertainment center "Khan Shatyr" was opened in July 2010. Its architect was the famous Norman Foster, who designed many modern buildings not only in Astana, but also in London and many cities around the world. 





Palace of Peace and Harmony


The Palace of Peace and Harmony in Astana was created by the famous architect-innovator Norman Foster. It was built specifically for the International Congress of  Leaders of World and Traditional Religions.





If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of childhood, walk along the seabed, visit the museum of miniatures, experience all the possibilities of media technologies in a 3D cinema, then do not miss the opportunity to visit the entertainment center "Ailand", on the left bank of Astana.





The building of the circus of Astana is a huge "flying saucer". Inside the circus is equipped with the latest technology. There is a sliding arena with a platform for acrobatic stunts, an arena, a skating rink, etc. The circus often hosts foreign artists.




Museum of the first president of Kazakhstan


The exposition of the Museum of the first president of Kazakhstan is very interesting. Here you can find interior and furniture, personal items and documents, souvenirs, books of the president. Also you can see pictures, graphic works and works of arts and crafts, donated by the heads of other states of the world.



Republican cycle track

The Republican cycle track - in the form of a helmet of a cyclist - has already been recognized as one of the most original sports complexes. Under its dome and an area of 44 thousand square meters - there are cycling tracks for various sports halls, a fitness center, a swimming pool, an ice rink, a hotel, restaurants, etc.

"Astana Arena"

"Astana Arena" is a stadium in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, with a capacity of 30,000 spectators. One of six similar structures in the world, with a mobile roofing system measuring 10,000 sq.m. From everywhere provided an unobstructed view of the field. The stadium has an artificial field and infrastructure of all premises, adapted to host world-class matches, sports and cultural events.



Barys Arena


At the Cup of the President of  Kazakhstan, was the opening of new arena "Barys". The new arena is a rattling mixture of high-tech, which is typical of the architecture of Astana, and eastern motifs, without which there is no place in Kazakhstan.



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